Popstart Studios


• The cyc wall infinity room 13.5ft x 20 ft 9.5ft ceilings

• The Basement 40ft x 14 ft 8 ft ceilings plus 18ft x 13 ft 8 ft ceilings

• The Podcast Room / Editing Suite includes 2 mics and usb interface

• The Locker Room (Private Storage for your gear for long term rentals)

• Backdrops include black/green/white screens, faux brick, faux reclaimed wood panels

• Props include sofas, lamps, church pews, lights, faux plants

• Portable Makeup Mirror and Vanity

• Bathroom and Catering Prep Area

• Pa System with 4 mics

• 4k 50″ monitor available



• The Gallery (900 sq ft of 10 ft ceilings/natural daylight

• The Kitchen / Catering Prep lounge area

• Small Podcast Room / Writer Room / Editing Suite A

• Small Podcast Room / Writer Room / Editing Suite B

• Wardrobe  / Changing Room

• Two Bathrooms



Cyc Wall Infinity Room is 13.5 ft x 20 ft with 9.5′ ceilings.

Includes daylight hanging light cloud. And additional diffusers and key lights.

Locker Room – For Longer Sessions lock up your gear in our locker room.

30 old school lockers to keep your gear safe and available.

Gallery Room with Hardwood Floors

Organize or refresh in the kitchen lounge

Record some content for your musical clients

Write a song you can video later.

Get Your Podcasts going in these comfy sound treated rooms.

Current Rates: (based on three hour minimums)

cyc wall infinity room $45/hr

the basement $55/hr

podcast/editing room $25/hr

downstairs lockout $100/hr

gallery $55/hr

upstairs podcast/editing rooms $25/hr

upstairs lockout $100/hr

cyc wall infinity room repaint fee $25 touch up, $50 full repaint

small cleanup fees $50. full cleanup after larger event $150

locker fees $10 per night for overnight storage or included with packages

20% discounts for buying 12 hour blocks to be used over a 30 day period.

Contact Morgan To Book or Arrange a Visit

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